Games and FOSS Miniconf 2019

Ngā Mihi / Introduction

Start your game neurons firing, we're back! Returning for the third time in a row, it's the Games Miniconf.

FOSS and games have been getting closer and closer for a while now, but there is still more to do!

Games are now gobbling up the attention of people at a rate never before seen, and FOSS is the lingua franca of the software world. Yet we are still only learning how the two can work together. Despite an overlap amongst developers and users, for the most part the game developers and players hide in their silo and FOSS hide in theirs. We're getting the band back together for another look at what we can learn from each other.

This miniconf will be a single day exploring the interaction of games, free and open source software, and their communities and developers. If you've got a passion for game development, FOSS, community, or playing games then this miniconf will be of interest to you.

Call for Proposals

We are inviting talks on anything that looks into the interaction between games and game development and free and open source software. Potential talk topics include (but are not limited to):

Presentation Formats

We are now open for talk submissions. We have openings for:

If you’re looking for extra advice or want to chat about an idea before submitting you can always email us. We’re excited to hear from you!


We are also after people willing to set up games to let people play with during the lunch break.

*NOW OPEN* Submissions: Who and How

Submission are now open! Head on over to to create your speaker profile and submit your presentation summary!

Once you have an account, log in and on the dashboard click the "Games Miniconf Talk" button (or whichever miniconf you wish to submit to). Fill in the form, add additional speakers if required, and congratulations! You've submitted a proposal! Proposals are not limited, so if you have more ideas, feel free to submit as many proposals as you like! However, it may be unlikely that more than one of your proposals will be accepted for a miniconf. Also don't forget to do your best to make your proposal as clear as possible to the reviewers, you can always contact the organisers if you're unsure or just want some extra help proof reading or fleshing out an idea. You can also make edits and resubmit before the deadline closes!

Submissions close: 19th November 2018, New Zealand Standard Time

We are handling submissions via the same system as the rest of so if you already have a profile there, you can use the same one for your miniconf submission! If you are submitting a demo of a game, tool, or project make sure in your submission you send us a link where we will be able to preview it, otherwise we won't be able to approve it.

We strongly encourage first-time and seasoned speakers from all walks of life – all ages, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and abilities. Like the main LCA conference, we respect and encourage diversity at our miniconf and all presentations and attendees must adhere to the Code of Conduct If you would like any assistance with creating a proposal, don't hesitate to ask one of the organisers.

Tickets & Financial Assistance

Please note, is a community run conference. To present or attend the miniconf you will need to be a registered attendee of LCA. We understand this is not as easy to do for all people, and we ask that if you don’t think you can do this, please contact us. We would love to look at ways to help you attend. Your attendance and involvement is very important to us, and we want to help you be there!

There are also usually miniconf only tickets available that are significantly cheaper than whole conference tickets, but we really recommend you attend the entire conference as there are amazing people in attendance, and it would be a shame to miss them and the great experience that can be. We wouldn’t want you to miss more novel ways we can bring FOSS and Games together!

Dates and Deadlines

Organisers & Contact

If you have any questions or need to get in contact with us, please don't hesitate to! We look forward to chatting.

You can find our friendly organisers on twitter: Eloise Ducky / @ducky_tape and Tim Nugent / @The_McJones.

Or Contact us via email at

Past Highlights, FAQ and Other stuff to check out!

With so many highlights to choose from the past two years, not to mention the Games miniconfs before, we've prepared just a few down below. Of course we haven't included everything, but this should get you started, and we'll even throw in some links that you might find historically interesting if you want to delver deeper into the Games and FOSS lca miniconf history.

Enjoy all the Games and FOSS goodness!

The Art+Tech Miniconf

Another miniconf with many intersections with games and FOSS, but also so much more, is the Art+Tech Miniconf!

Now running for the second year in a row, this amazing miniconf is run by and filled with excellent and novel approaches for how art and technology interface. No need to listen to us though, you can check it out for yourself Here!

Does the website look similar? That's because the amazing organisers at art+tech put theirs together and then were kind enough to let us fork their work and play with it ourselves. Just one of the many examples you can find at, of the intersections of Art, Tech, Games and of course FOSS!

ps. If you're worried you won't be able to clone yourself in time to attend both art+tech AND Games and FOSS, never fear! the Games and FOSS miniconf will be held on the 21st, Monday, while Art+Tech is the day after on 22nd, Tuesday... but don't let that keep you from working on those cloning and time machines! (Though Ducky is keen for a teleporter)


If you have any questions you can always email us; Ducky and Tim are excited to meet you and help you in your Games and FOSS quest! However, if you want some reading first we've put this FAQ together, just for you. If you think something is missing, please message us and we'll update it as soon as we can.

What is FOSS?

FOSS means Free and Open Source Software. These are two very similar terms, but have some differences.

So, what’s Free Software?

The FSF (Free Software Foundation) defines it as being software that ensures that the end users have freedom in using, studying, sharing and modifying that software.

And, Open Source Software?

The term "open source" refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible ( There is more available and comprehensive information about the definition of Open Source at the Open Source Initiative's site.

What are games?

Wow, straight to the tough questions! Games can be loosely defined as an activity that you can engage in for amusement or entertainment, but even this broad definition doesn’t necessarily apply to all games. For the purposes of this conference we’re leaving this in your hands. If you believe it’s a game, we’re here to listen! However, it might be useful to remember all organisers, talks, and attendees must agree and adhere to the Code of Conduct to participate in any part of

This conference has something to do with computers, so does that mean this is about computer games?

Definitely not! We are open to and very very excited to hear about all forms of games! Physical games, Tabletop/Board Games, Escape rooms, Console games, Handheld console games, retro games, mobile games, arcade games, computer games, and any other combination or type of games you can think of. They’re all welcome here and we’re excited to find out how FOSS fits or doesn’t fit (and why) with them.

This sounds great, but I’m not sure I can get there due to accessibility, financial, or other reasons. What can I do?

Don’t worry, there are a few options we can look at here!

First if you really want to come and especially if you have submitted a presentation of some sort, please email the organisers. We would love to look at how we can help you attend. We’re not here to pry, but if you can tell us what you need to be able to attend, we will look into it for you. We want to make it as easy as possible, within our means, for you to be able to share in the Games and FOSS discussion. usually also opens up a financial assistance application at some stage. It’s been a great program in the past and we are sure it will continue that reputation.

Please email us even if you think it’s a long shot. We believe in you!

Still sounding awesome, but I’m not sure what I have to contribute?

As we said, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! You can email us anytime and we can do what we can to help you out with inspiration. We also have a whole several conferences before this one’s bunch of material. We’ve prepared some playlists and links to help get you excited and inspired for 2019. It’s important you know that just because you want to do something similar to what has been presented in the past, does not mean you should not submit it! We all have our own unique takes and give our own flavours to things, so we still want to hear your ideas!